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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fundraising with An Aluminum Can Crusher - How To

Fundraising With An Aluminum Can Crusher

I know that most of us have very little time to do all the things we have to do in a days time.  Thats why I wrote the most important and basic steps first and the the details later.
 In a nutshell, this is how this fundraising idea works.
Ready?  Here you go.....

1. Get a Can Crusher and mount it in an easily accessible area with lots of traffic.

2. Install a poster next to it explaining that all proceeds from the sale of recycled aluminum cans goes to "X" charity.

3. Pickup a bag full of crushed cans once a week or more often as needed.  Take to a recycling center and sell.   The more can crushers you have in place the more more your organization can make.

What's hard about that?

     This fundraising method results in nearly immediate cash flow for your group on a weekly, monthly or even daily basis.   It all depends on the traffic in the area you have your can crusher located.


     Depending on the trash bag you use.  We use the 30 gallon size.   A full bag of crushed cans comes to about $10.00 to $14.00  here due to cans being about 70 cents a lb.  This will vary depending on the price of aluminum in your area.  Call any recycling or scrap metal company and inquire about selling aluminum cans.  The thing that is so good about this fundraising method is that your group doesn't have to beg for funds.   Begging on street corners seems to be pretty popular now a days and not just for homeless people.  I've seen school and church groups waving signs and holding out coffee cans trying to beg money at traffic lights.   Is this how you want your group to fund itself? 

Who Can Use this Method of Fundraising?

     This method of fundraising is relatively passive.   Meaning that you don't have to stand there to make money.   This can crusher system makes money day in and day out in the name of your charity.   It is a great way for  scouts, choirs, bands, clubs of every stripe, teams, etc, to fund their endeavors.
     Everybody knows of some high traffic area where people drink sodas.   It is a relatively small thing to get permission to put a can crusher up.   It looks great for the company allowing it  as it shows community involvement and conservation awareness.   The company gets a lot of goodwill with no real effort on their part.   Some groups get companies and individuals to purchase the can crushers and act as sponsors.   That way the charity doesn't have to put any money out at all for equipment.   The companies and individuals can attach posters or stickers to the can crushers so proving their support of your particular group.  Plus it should be a total write off for the companies.
     You can see that the more can crushing systems you have in place the more they generate income.  Just do the math depending on how much your group needs in a month.

Why Recycle?

     1.  Recycling is good!   Say that over and over to those who don't do it.  Responsible people recycle and irresponsible people don't.   It's as simple as that.
     2.  Recycling is needed!   Take a trip out to a landfill sometime.   The sight and smell is a shocker.   Any way that we can reduce that giant pile of refuse is necessary and needed.    Waste is sad in just about all forms.   We can reduce our energy demand, water use,  and land space by very simple and established recycling efforts.
     3.  Every effort Counts!    Starting children young recycling is just part of teaching them right from wrong.    The small things add up.   We can all make some impact.
Do your children , yourself,  and the world a favor.