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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bad Vendors

     New business rant this morning.    One thing I really hate is poor service.    Im not sure what it costs to get a new customer for some companies but I can only assume it is just a few pennies.    Seems like they don't care if they lose you as a buyer at all.

"Why care?   There are plenty more buyers where you come from!"

From the beginning.

     I travel to wholesale buying shows two or three times a year.    I generally go to Las Vegas but may include New York this year.   This is a considerable expense for me.   I must buy product to make the trip worthwhile.   I go to the     ASD/AMD show mainly.
There is a terrific assortment of items from military surplus, tools, dollar store, closeouts, toys, and even jewelry.   While the show may not be appropriate for a lot of ecommerce businesses, it works out well for me.  Many of the type of items can be seen on our site.

     However, some of the merchants leave something to be desired when it comes to service and warranty.   One such company is Gripon Tool.  These guys sell all kinds of hand and power tools.
     I bought a pallet of brand new laser levels from them last August.   Since I'm a retailer it may take me a while to sell that many levels.   I only have about 12 cases left.   Problem is the  levels starting having a problem.   I have had to warranty about 8 of them.    We are now completely setting them up and testing them before they ship.    Some are good, some are not.
     I called the company to ask about this problem.   I actually called twice and sent a fax once.   They finally  returned my calls today.     The company representative says the items I bought were a closeout with basically no warranty.    They don't carry the item any longer.   He said he apologized for the problem but there was nothing he could do and wished me a good day.
     I certainly am not starting out with a good day with this news.    I wrote him back and told him that I can see why they didn't order anymore of the levels and that I strongly doubted that I would do anymore purchasing from his company.    He again apologized and wished me a good day.
     I'm surprised some effort at placating me wasn't offered.    I obviously have little to NO value with this company.    Not only will I never buy from them again but I'm offering this blog entry as a review of their company.
     Luckily for me there are plenty more tool vendors out there.