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Friday, January 06, 2012

Confrontation in Business

Confrontation in Business.

     I hate confrontations.  I generally will avoid personal confrontations for as long as I can.  My friends will tell you that as they notice that I simply won't be around certain people.   I find it easier to just be over yonder when the aggressor or aggravator  is in my locale.
Business, however,  is a different matter.   Occasionally in business, I'm forced to confront someone or some entity who is strictly out for themselves.   Generally at my expense of course.
It took me awhile when I was young to slowly adapt.   I was a peacemaker from way back who believed in doing to others as I would have them do to me.   This attracted my many customers but left me open for some short sighted business people.     I found after many bruises that doesn't always work.  Some business people look at me like I'm an apple tree.   They only want the fruit and they don't care what they have to do to pluck it.   It's amazing to me that  DC Mach Inc.  has survived to this age.
I learned to recognize these particular scumbags and now avoid them if I can in my daily commerce.   If a deal surfaces, and it really has value,  then the confrontational battle can begin.   I have to deal with these less than honorable D-k Heads every so often now.
The trick is being ready for someone who has no interest in your well being whatsoever.  It takes a bit of practice for somebody like me.   Others get right to it with no problem.
So, here is the deal.   The vendors I hold close, know it.   I don't take advantage of them, I don't ask for too many concessions, I bend if they have a shipping problem or a cost issue.   Why? Cause we are of the same cut.  I will actively look out for that type of businessman or woman.   We should take care of each other as best we can.   Any deal we make is mutually beneficial.
What's better than that?
In business, nothing.
But those who try and take instead of trade are easily seen now.    I wish I knew this when I started many years ago.   It would have saved me a ton of money and grief.
The only advice I can give to newbies and youngsters is find an older business mentor.   It will save you much stress as you go.
There will always be that guy who will walk into your yard to steal your newspaper, or kick your dog if nothing else is handy.
He wants your stuff, plain and simple.  He thinks he has power.
Show him your teeth.