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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Speaking of Perfect Children....

OT Speaking of perfect children
Jul 13, 2009 05:19 PM
posted from a forum

     My daughter, Cara, was mad at me. She kept trying to get together with me and my wife Sandi for lunch, dinner, coffee, just anything. But her hours are terrible as she is in free lance promotions. It seems we never know when she will be in town or where or what time. Mine and Sandi's work and social life is pretty extensive too as we are booked weeks in advance for parties, barbques, benefits, karaoke, etc. Plus she works out two nights a week. We just couldn't seem to find time for my daughter's request.
  Finally, Cara insists that we meet because "I've got to talk to you two!" She couldn't say about what over the phone so me and Sandi were thinking all kinds of odd things. Maybe she was going to announce that she was pregnant, going to move overseas with her new husband, had an inoperable disease, etc,,,,,,,,,???!!!
We arrived at a restaurant that night tired and in our work clothes. Sandi was irritated and nervous and I was too. Why couldn't she just tell us? Doesn't she know we are freekin busy! We set across the table and Cara leaned forward and commenced to explain how rude she felt that we were not being accessible. She was near upset so I started apologizing and trying to explain that since she is family we figured she could wait till we got together for dinner sometime later. She said that would be fine but she had been trying to get us in one place for 6 weeks. She said we were the hardest people to be nice to. Sandi then explained that life has been tough as she is still recovering from her cancer surgery, her job is kicking her butt, etc. We managed to make an uncomfortable group apology and paused to order from the waitress.
Then Cara said, "On a lighter note...." and she explained that since my and Sandi's 20th wedding anniversary is coming up in October she wanted to tell us now that she had bought us a trip to London, Paris, and Rome. An 8 day whirlwind trip. She said she had been saving the money for 3 years and we only had to pick some dates and get our passports. She was trying to tell us before we made some other arrangements. Then, she went on to explain that she wanted to do this because we would not do it for ourselves.
Which is true.
To say that we were stunned is an understatement. Sandi burst into tears, as did Cara. I was struck by the love of family and children and sometimes undeserving parents. My daughter is 29. At this moment she is my perfect child and maybe she always will be. I know I couldn't have done something like this at her age. Sheesh, not sure I talked to my parents that much at that age. I wish I could claim responsibility for how she thinks, performs and IS... but truthfully I can't. She is her own person far outreaching any input I had in her formative years. Like all parents, Sandi and I are very proud of her.
This story is not to compare children at all but to appreciate what they bring to us.